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What’s the Deal with Dogs and Grass?

Dogs eating grass
  • 16 June 2017
  • Pet Wants

If you have a dog and your backyard has grass, you’ve probably witnessed the former eating lots of the latter. As someone who consistently provides great dog food to your pet, you may wonder why your dog remains so interested in a substance that doesn’t seem all that appetizing. Before we get into the details of the behavior, it’s worth noting that it’s completely normal. Although it seems weird to us humans, dogs of all sizes and breeds are drawn to eating grass. Because that’s something which isn’t going to change, let’s dive into the details of exactly why:

Dogs Aren’t Carnivores

Given how excited dogs can get when they smell meat cooking in the kitchen or on a grill, it’s easy to assume that they’re wired for this type of food. While it is true that dogs enjoy the taste of meat, they’re not actually carnivores like cats. On the other hand, dogs don’t fall into the category of standard omnivores. That’s because if you look back across history, dogs survived by being scavengers and eating just about anything they came across which filled their basic dietary requirements.

Fast forward to the present, and most dogs no longer find themselves in this position. Instead of needing to find food on a daily basis, dogs have caring owners who take care of this requirement for them. However, even domesticated pets still have the urge to scavenge for food wired into their DNA. So if a dog is in a backyard and has access to grass, it’s going to eat it.

What About the Throwing Up?

Whether it’s in the backyard or kitchen, it’s easy enough to understand why dogs want to scavenge around for food. But what ends up perplexing many people about their dog’s desire to eat grass is they often throw up after eating it. As a dog owner, seeing this can be quite alarming. The good news is it’s actually a completely normal process. When a dog’s stomach is upset or gassy, the process of eating grass and then throwing it up can provide relief. A dog looking for this type of relief will quickly eat as much grass as possible, while a dog simply looking for a little roughage will nibble and chew on grass in smaller quantities.

The Final Word on Dogs Eating Grass

Based on everything we’ve covered, it’s easy to understand why most experts view dogs eating grass as completely normal behavior. The one thing to keep in mind is if your dog likes eating grass in your backyard, you’ll want to limit your use of pesticides and herbicides. And if you ever notice your dog going through the process of eating grass and throwing up more than normal, it’s a good idea to visit your vet for a stomach checkup.

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